Dance at the White Hart, Wells, 11 July 2023

And a session at the White Hart

Practice at Hunters Lodge, Priddy, 17 December 2019

Dancing on 1st May 2015 on Glastonbury Tor

Dancing in Priddy on Boxing Day 2013:

The Valentine

The Greyhound

Brighton Camp

Dancing on 1st May 2012 on Glastonbury Tor (thanks to Dhiney Ramos)

Priddy Folk Festival 10th July 2010 - with the Belly Dancers

Priddy Folk Festival 11th July 2009 - with the Belly Dancers

Dancing on 1st May 2011

On Glastonbury Tor, and at the Chalice Well. (Thanks to spiritofthegreenman).

Wells Market Place 1st May 2006

Guest courtesy of St John’s Ambulance.

Glastonbury Festival 29th June 2008

Guest is Jason Smith.

Glastonbury Tor, 1st May 2008

From ITV News West, 1 May 2008, dawn on Glastonbury Tor. Druids plus …. guess who? This 5-minute clip requires software like Windows Media Player or WinAmp. Cam Valley dancing starts at 3 min 20 seconds …. ITV website clip If problems with that link, try this … ITV website (It shows the video on a small window, but you can switch to full screen mode.)